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English Private lessons Spain

If you are already living in Spain and English is your first language you can get some extra cash through private lessons. Either if you are a teaching assistant or you have any other occupation, tutoring is a very easy way to supplement your income. There are several ways to do so.

First, you must know that what you are looking for is called clases particulares, and people in Spain tend to want them either for their kids or for themselves. However, sometimes it can be tricky if you don’t know how Spaniards look for English tutoring.

What you’ll have to do

In a few words, the tutoring you’d have to do consists of one to one conversation classes that usually last one hour. You decide the age group, each one has its pros and cons and it all depends on what you like doing. Generally teaching English to adults will be easier because you don’t need to come up with so many materials and resources.

Where to get students for private lessons

If you are in Madrid as a Teaching Assistant and your school is in an area where the parents are willing to spend some money on private English lessons you’ll probably find them real quick. I know many cases where the teacher asks the auxiliares if they were interested in taking some students after school. In my opinion, the best is if you could end up teaching the teachers’ children since it’ll most likely take place during the two hour break. If you are not that lucky, here are some ideas:

Get students at your school

Make yourself available. Let everyone at school know that you are looking for some private lessons. Sometimes the parents ask the teachers for teaching assistants interested in tutoring and they can give your contact information with your consent. The staff can also put you in contact with their friends and family members that would be interested in improving their English. Luckily for you, more and more people in Spain want to speak English better.

Tip: don’t waste any time and tell everybody as soon as possible.

Get private lessons online

Facebook: go on Facebook and look for some groups like “Auxiliaries de Conversación en (city)”. Sometimes, other auxiliares post about lessons they are no longer able to continue, don’t be hesitant and message them as soon as possible.

Meetup: this webpage is mainly about finding people with the same interest you have to do some activities together (hiking, yoga, going out, etc.). You can also find people who offer lessons. And who knows, maybe you can make some friends along the way. on this website you can create an ad for your English tutoring. On the ad, you can specify if you are offering classes online and what platform you would use. If I were you, I would also talk about the price so you filter some people.

Here it’s an example that you can use to get students for your private lessons:

“Clases particulares de inglés. Profesor/a nativo/a de (EEUU).

Practica y mejora tu inglés de manera fácil

Contacta por whatsapp: (phone number)”

/a is for the feminine

If you don’t have the WhatsApp app yet, download it right now. Spaniards use WhatsApp all the time.

Weareteacherfinder: they have two options: learn in person and learn online. You’ll have to pay a referral fee once you have had successful lessons with a student.

Apprentus: Apprentus offers students willing to take private lessons at home and online. You set your hourly fee, update your profile, attach a photo and wait for the students to contact you.

Classgap: unlike the two options mentioned above, Classgap only does online classes. Create your profile and set the price you want to charge per class. Classgap manages your payments and you’ll only have to focus on teaching.

Superprof: on this platform, you can find students near you and decide if you want to use it to teach online or at home. They don’t charge you any fee for the amount of students you find.

Getting your first private lesson can be the most difficult, but then parents at your school will refer you to other families and believe me, you’ll end up turning down some private tutoring.

When planning your classes bear in mind you can only do so much. Sometimes It’s difficult to find the perfect balance between time and money. Don’t forget to check where the potential student lives before you accept the job. You don’t want to waste your life on public transportation.

There’s nothing wrong about talking about how much you charge. It’s important to establish your rate early so nobody misunderstands.

Let me know in the comments if you found private lessons any other way.

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