7 Reasons to Live in Spain as a Teaching Assistant

reasons to live in spain

Are you considering living in Spain for a year or a few months? You probably have a lot of questions about what it’s like to live in Spain, what your job is going to be like, etc. In a few words, you are not sure about whether it’s the right decision for you or not.

In this post, you’ll find 7 reasons why I consider living in Spain a worthwhile experience.

1. Different culture

Spaniards are known for being friendly, outgoing and family-oriented. Spanish people believe in enjoying life outside. Everything takes place around the table and at bars. Life is calm and anxiety-free.

2. Food and wine

There are many dishes in Spanish cuisine. If you like eating and love wine, you’ll enjoy living in Spain for a while. You can find very affordable wine, a good bottle of wine might be around 5€. If you don’t like beer, wine or sangria that’s ok because you’ll probably like tapas (a small portion of some Spanish food). Some other Spanish dishes are paella, tortilla de patatas, and jamón serrano.

Food in Spain

3. Traveling around Europe

Another good reason to live in Spain is to travel. As a teaching assistant, you can enjoy traveling around Europe very easily. You’ll have three day weekends and most European capitals are within a 3 hour flight. Many foreigners living in Spain can take a two day trip to London, Paris or Berlin.

4. Meet new people

From my experience, when you live in another country, you tend to live with more intensity. I realized that coming back home and talking to some friends after living abroad for a few months, it’s like traveling in a time machine. Back home everything was the same, but I went through so many experiences in just a few months.

It’s easy to meet new people while living in Spain and it’s such an enriching experience to see and understand how other people live and think.

5. Weather

Spain is a very geographically diverse country, therefore, the climate in Spain changes from one region to another. However, if you come to live in Spain, the odds are you’ll enjoy nice sunny weather. For example, in Madrid it rains an average of 60 days a year.

Spain good weather beach

6. An experience you’ll never forget

Living in a different country is an amazing experience. If you want to enjoy a year living abroad, Spain will be fantastic. Everyone that I ever met that lived in Spain never regrets it. Most of them say that to live abroad for a while was a life-changing experience that they’ll always look back at.

7. Learn or improve your Spanish

Spend some time in Spain to improve your Spanish. There’s nothing like learning and improving a language immersed in the country. Moreover, Spanish is spoken globally by more than 450 million native speakers. There are people that come to Spain and they don’t care about learning a second language, but I have seen some people that after living in Spain for a year they went from barely basic understanding to being fluent in Spanish.

Here are some tips on how to learn Spanish fast.

If you are not sure if you want to live in Spain for a year yet, I would suggest you take action and embark on this opportunity. After all, they say that at the end of your life you regret what you didn’t do, never what you did.

Leave your comments below and share your reasons.

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