Top Gyms in Madrid 2023

Best gyms in Madrid

You have all your workout gear and the motivation to get fit, and now you are on the lookout for the best gym in Madrid.

I know sometimes it can be difficult to exercise regularly, and especially when you are living abroad, a lot of plans with friends may interfere with your resolution. Don’t fret, I’ve written this post to make it really easy for you to start doing some exercise in Madrid.

There are endless gym options in Madrid. You might want to practice a specific sport, attend group classes, or just get a gym membership at a gym near you.

To make it easier for you to pick a good gym, I’ll classify them into three categories, depending on your budget: high-end, average and low-cost gyms. 

Here’s a map to see some of the best gyms in Madrid covered throughout this article.

High-end gyms in Madrid

These are some of the trendiest gyms in the city. A gym membership would start from 150€ a month. These gyms usually have a swimming pool, they might have a snack bar, and a more one-on-one attention.

  • Boutique Gym is located in one of the most luxurious shopping areas in Madrid. This gym is inspired by the Equinox gym in Soho, New York City.
  • Reebok Sports Club is situated in the same area as Boutique Gym. It’s the preferred gym for several Spanish celebrities.
  • Metropolitan Gym is a high-end chain with more than 15 gyms across Spain. The closest gyms to the city center are Abascal and Plaza de Santa Ana.

Average gyms in Madrid

There are quite a few gyms that range around 50€ a month. They offer a variety of group classes and that’s about it. These gyms are usually a good option since they are not as crowded as the cheaper gyms in Madrid.

In this price range, I would try to sign up for one of these two: GoFit Vallehermoso or Viding Alcantara. I say “try” because they have a huge waiting list. However, they are worth every penny. Have a look at their facilities and you’ll see why (indoor pool, outdoor pool, sauna and much more).

You can sign up for their waiting list online and hope for the best.

Low-cost gyms in Madrid. Picking the best gym on a budget.

If you are teaching English in Madrid and want to make the most out of your money, I would pick one of these more affordable gyms options. A cheaper gym doesn’t necessarily mean worse, and on the plus side, you’ll have some extra money to travel around Europe.

These low-cost gyms tend to offer the same package as the average gyms but cheaper. The fee is around 20€ a month, however, they usually have promotions for new customers.

Look for the closest gym to your apartment and give it a try. Some of these gyms chains in Madrid are Altafit, Mcfit, Basic-fit and VivaGym.

I don’t want a regular gym, I am looking for something different

Rock climbing gyms in Madrid

If you are into rock climbing or want to give it a shot, you can try indoor climbing in Madrid. A single-day ticket is around 15€ and they have special offers if you get a pass. They usually have a monthly pass as well. You can rent the climbing shoes at the gym itself.

woman boulder Madrid

Some well-known rock climbing gyms in Madrid

  • Sputnik is in the North of Madrid in the city of Alcobendas.
  • Salamandra Boulder Café is the closest gym to the city center. It’s a cafe in Chamberí with an indoor climbing wall in the basement.
  • Espacio Acción is an entire building dedicated to this sport. You have to take line 5 to el Carmen. It’s a 30-minute metro ride from Sol.
  • Sharma Climbing is the biggest rock climbing gym in the city. Located in Torre Arias (line 5), it takes 45 minutes to get there by public transportation.

Crossfit gyms in Madrid

If you want to lift weights and break a sweat, this is the one for you. Crossfit has become very popular and there’s a big community around it.

You’ll pay over 70€ for a couple of sessions a week.

Some Crossfit studios near the city center are:

Crossfit db: Calle de los Dos Amigos, 3
555 Crossfit: Calle de Guzmán el Bueno, 36
Wezone Crossfit: Calle de Vallehermoso, 27

Crossfit Madrid gym exercise

Boxing clubs in Madrid

Boxing is a high-intensity workout for burning calories. There is contact and non-contact boxing. Since I don’t like getting punched in the face, I’ll go for the non-contact boxing options.

Here are the two most famous boxing chains in Madrid:

  • Fightland offers group classes in various locations of the city. Check out their page and see which one is more convenient for you. The classes are usually packed, and you’ll need to make a reservation in advance. The monthly rate is 55€ for two classes a week.
  • Brooklyn fit boxing is a chain that operates worldwide. There are more than 50 gyms in Madrid and each one has its own membership fee.
Woman boxing in Madrid

Other activities in Madrid

If you want to workout but don’t feel like going to the gym, you could try some of the activities that Madrid city hall offers: tennis, swimming lessons, yoga, dance classes and many more. They are usually cheaper than at any other sports center.

If you are into running, you can go to Retiro park and join some Running clubs. You can find them on Facebook.

Gym for women in Madrid

Curves is one of the gyms where they allow only women.

Apart from regular gyms, you can always enjoy some fresh air in the best parks in Madrid or explore the fantastic nature trails near Madrid.

Before you sign up for any gym, ask the staff to show you around. That’s a good way to make up your mind and see what to expect.

Having said that, my recommendation is to sign up to the closest gym to home. That’s the one you are most likely to attend regularly.

I don’t feel like going to a gym. I want a home workout

Nowadays, the internet provides amazing opportunities. If you want to workout from your apartment in Madrid, while improving your Spanish, check out these Youtube channels. They post every few weeks, and it’s a good way to get in shape without leaving your apartment.

Some home workout Youtube channels are Vikika, Patry Jordan and Mireia Borras.

I hope this post helps you find the perfect gym. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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